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Felling Trailers - Solutions for Transport Needs

Felling Trailers - Solutions for Transport Needs

Felling Trailers - Solutions for Transport Needs

General company/production description

  1. Please describe the product/service your company provides?
    Felling Trailers manufactures industrial trailers. We have a very diverse product offering, the standard trailer line includes over 240 models ranging from a 3,000 lb utility trailer to a 120,000 lb hydraulic gooseneck trailer.
  2. What is unique about your company or product/service?
    Felling’s pride and differentiation is its customized trailer division. When other manufactures say it can’t be done, Felling’s team asks how can we build this? Our engineers utilize the latest industry-leading design techniques, and our experienced metal craftsmen use cutting-edge technology to turn our customers' conceptual trailer needs into a tangible product. 
  3. How does your company impact a specific industry? We manufacture the trailers that meet and exceed the transport needs across multiple industries, filling the need and the gap where other manufacturers cannot.

Company history

  1. When was the company started and who founded it?
    Felling Trailers was started in 1974 by Merle J. and Kathy Felling.
  2. When have there been major changes to product line or expansions?
    Since the company was founded in 1974, it has never stopped growing and innovating.
  3. Who are current owners?
    Felling’s daughters Brenda Jennissen, President/CEO/Co-owner and Bonnie Radjenovich, VP of Human Resources/Co-owner, now own and operate the company with their spouses Patrick Jennissen, VP of Sales & Marketing, and Paul Radjenovich, VP of Operations.


  1. Who are your customers?
    Our customers, like our products, represent many industries;
    Construction – landscaping, excavating/demolition, contractors (large and small companies) equipment haulers
    Commercial – heavy construction, fleets, rental, over-the-road transport
    Utility/Telecom – municipalities, state/local government, public utilities, underground construction, natural gas, water, telecommunications
    OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) – needing customized engineered transport solutions for the products they manufacturer
    General Consumer – home owners, weekenders, small business owners, etc.

  2. Where are they located?
    Felling Trailers are distributed across North America and internationally.
  3. Who do you want for customers?
     Anyone who needs a trailer to transport cargo/equipment.
  4. Who should prospects contact at your company?
    Felling’s Trailer Experts, our Trailers Sales Team. 1-800-245-2809, email

Current stats

  1. How many people work at your company today?
    290 employees
  2. How many products/services does your company produce in a month/year, etc?
    We produce 5000 plus trailers a year.
  3. Current certifications? 
    Felling Trailers, Inc. is an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System company and WBENC-Certified WBE company.


  1. Are there currently plans to expand or change?
    We are in the process of adding a new powder coating paint facility. This will increase our current footprint of 349,000 sq ft to 441,000 sq ft.


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